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I've had a few people friend and request friending already, so I figured this would be an apt post.

I do not mind being friended, and I don't need to be notified. However, if you're going to do so, please keep in mind that I will likely not add back unless I'm very, VERY comfortable with you, which will likely be later on down the season if  you're an Idoler (which is who this is geared towards), and/or if I don't know you beforehand. As mentioned in my intro, I am a very paranoid person, so please don't be offended if I don't add back. I admit to being rather callous about such things, it's my journal and if you can't deal with the tightness and the paranoia you shouldn't be wanting into the more private parts of it. Harsh, but true. I'm eloquent and can be known to be polite and lovely but I am at the same time not very nice, not by "normal" standards.

Also-I very strongly suggest and request that you read both my profile and my introduction (that at least will likely remain public after season even if I decide later on to friends lock the other posts) before adding me. There's information in both that  anyone reading my journal will simply need to deal with, which may be controversial, and which I'm simply not willing to deal with flaming for. If I misjudge and for whatever reason, flaming or otherwise, become uncomfortable with the people I acquire on the f-list, I'll remove them from said f-list. And if it's due to flaming or any other kind of abuse, I will gladly use the ban-hammer. If it's a simple de-"friending" and not a ban, I'll post a post with "did some f-list cleanup, here's why, PM me if you have questions", and you can generally assume it's general discomfort or overcluttering or clean out of what I don't read as much as I should. But if it's a ban, generally you can assume that you were a major asshat. I don't friend, de-friend, or ban lightly, but I will still do it, so keep this in mind when adding me.

I currently don't use filters, but there is at least one leg of my life which I will most likely make a filter for, for the privacies of the others who interact with that leg of my life. If I make that filter, I won't really announce it, and please don't ask to be on it. It's not intended as an insult-it's intended to secure the privacy of a very personal and private part of my life that I would simply forget if I did not write it down.


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