Oct. 31st, 2010 02:07 pm
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*This will be crossposted to the system journal.*

Alright everyone, I don't have much time, but I needed to post some quick things.

The internet we thought we'd be able to use while we are at the new apartment is no longer available, it seems. So, this means a few things.

One: LJ Idol will get VERY INTERESTING. I am thinking of getting shadows_of_pyre and crew to read me the topic list every week so that I can write it in time to get it posted on Wednesday, which is likely when I'll have any internet time to post or to read/comment. To all of you idolers who are reading this, I apologize in advance if I do not get to comment to or read all entries. I will make every effort to read and comment to as many as possible (made easier when they're public posts, which I can access from my phone-web, unless the journal in question has a setup that my phone rejects, which will mean that I can't read or thus comment to the posts from the journal in question), and I'll be using that spreadsheet (hopefully I can get it in an offline version, which will make it much more accessible) to keep track. I am going to make a concerted effort to stay in Idol as long as humanly possible, and if I get eliminated due to internet problems, I'm going to continue playing the Home Game as much as I possibly can. All idolers may feel free to friend me for idol purposes, but be warned: All you will see are my public (currently, Idol only) posts, and it is very likely all of said posts will become friends only at the end of the season. And I will not friend back unless I want to keep up interactions with you outside of Idol, which means long term.

Two: Contact will be difficult. I get email on my phone, but that's the best I can do. I can reply, but you will likely be receiving a series of shorter emails from me thanks to character limits. If this is alright with people, feel free to use the email. IM will be almost certainly out of the question until we get internet of our own, because frankly I doubt I'll have the time to use it in the rare times I am able to borrow the brother's internet. Twitter will remain a viable option for those of you who I follow on mobile, those of you whom I don't...well, apologies. I'll go through the list and edit it to include more people, but all the same. Keep in mind also that my phone has a habit of, when overloaded with tweets, mysteriously skipping over them when I open the thread. I don't know why, but it may mean I miss a tweet. Simple as that.

Three: I will be, despite all this, trying to get online once and if I can twice a week. But it will likely not be more than that. Fair warning.

I had a longer list than that, but I think I included everything. I am going nuts with preparations for Samhain, which is today and which we will be leaving for shortly, so my apologies. See you all as soon as I can, as I can.

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