Feb. 3rd, 2030

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And since this one is so long and in depth, I may just backdate this one at a later point.

I tend to write these each time I get new people on here because it just works better that way. (And sometimes shorter versions in between, but usually when peoples are added.) Everyone gets an updated “this is how my journal works”, new people can decide to run screaming while they still can, previously friended people can decide that they’ve had enough. Or, people can decide to stick around. I don’t so much like stickied posts because I really forget to update them. That’s actually why I hate profiles too, because I go “blah” at updating mine enough, buuut.

This is fairly long, but I suppose you can call this the local periodic admin post. Please read, especially if you are new, if you at all can brain it. If you don’t and your brains break from my journal, I’ll do my best to try and mend your brains…but I can’t be held responsible for you being surprised by what I write, because I’ve done my best to warn you and ultimately you walked into it ignoring the warnings.

Alrighty. So, what you’re walking into/have already walked into:

Long. Take a potty break, make some coffee, get a snack. Then come back and read this, pretty please. Admin post. )

That’s in no specific order. If you got through that whole thing in one go, have a plate of your favorite cookies. If you have any questions (or if you people who’ve been around a while and know me a bit more can think of something I’ve forgotten), talk and I’ll answer.

This is what’s on my journal, and while I’m willing to flex one way or the other a bit, and as mentioned perfectly willing to talk over issues with people and find middle ground/compromises if at all possible, it’s not going to sway too much, not outside of natural-progression-of-me. I do not filter any content but the content specifically regarding canon, so while I definitely use cuts, if you’re not interested in reading this, you have two options: don’t click the cuts and skip the entries, or leave. Sorry if that sounds callous, but it’s how it is.

If you’re new and you can’t brain this, or if you’re not new and you can’t brain it, go ahead and poof now, no hard feelings-just drop me an FYI that you’ve done so and why. It’s under the long!cut, but I figured it beared repeating outside of long!cut.

*edit* I make it a point not to cut people off my journal because of what company they hold, so long as my privacy is maintained. I also make it a point not to name drop. However, there is a certain person who used to room with me, who happens to be a rather prominent figure in the Otherkin community. I found out the hard way that she is not someone to be trusted, and I cannot afford, for the protection of my Network and myself, to allow anyone on my journal who is in contact with her. She is the one exception to my general rule of objectivity. Please don't be afraid to add me or to ask to be added, despite this. I never have issue with requests. I apologize for the scrutiny but at this point it is for my own safety, and that of my people.



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